The Cuckoo and the Warbler

After drawing the shining cuckoo (pīpīwharauroa ) and the grey warbler (riroriro) for a celebration at Oakley Creek ('Welcome Back Cuckoo' 2012), I became intrigued by the complicated relationship between the cuckoo and the warbler. This year I have worked with Kennedy Warne (who introduced the birds to me) and publishers Potton and Burton to produce a picture book about the ‘The Cuckoo and the Warbler'.

Illustrations are set in the flourishing forests of Whangarei Heads, where I first saw pīpīwharauroa and where the delightful call of the riroriro rings out year round.

Signed copies of ‘The Cuckoo and the Warbler’ can be ordered from my shop
Hard and soft back copies of the book are in bookstores throughout New Zealand.

Portraits of Pīpīwharauroa and Riroriro have been made as numbered prints - final 2 images in this gallery. More details at my shop

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