The Free Range Kiwi

Free Range Kiwi: Championing of Kiwi Recovery

Kiwi at Whangarei Heads are thriving, which is unusual for New Zealand’s national bird. Thanks to the interest and care of many enthusiastic supporters with pest control and funding, projects like the Backyard have made significant improvements to the breeding capacity and lifespan of kiwi on the Whangarei Heads Peninsula.
Backyard Kiwi has been so successful that locals regularly hear kiwi calling at night and many have seen kiwi free-ranging around the peninsula.

Free Range Kiwi is a friend and ally of the Backyard Kiwi, from time to time products are developed to help support kiwi recovery
A donation is made to the Backyard Kiwi project with every sale of the following items.

Free Range Kiwi Reflective Sign - reflective vinyl on aluminium - exactly the same materials as the Backyard Kiwi road signs.

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Free Range Kiwi Bib Apron and teatowel are currently out of stock